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Getting ready for an English shouldn't be difficult, and it definitely shouldn't be boring! There are a range of fun and interesting IELTS tips and resources that have been created to help you through the process.

 Work your way through the materials on this page. They'll help you feel confident and ready to do your best. Don't forget to check back from time to time as we're always working on new content.


Information for Candidates Booklet

The Information for Candidates Booklet provides you general information and details on the format of the IELTS test.

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Free IELTS book download

IELTS Support Tools is your comprehensive guide to the IELTS test. With more than 20 pages, it explains the test format, has samples and more.

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Expert advice for first timers

IELTS Advantage gives you more than 40 minutes of expert IELTS advice. It's perfect for you if you've never done the test before

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Quick IELTS tips

Have a look at this series of 8 mini tutorials that answer frequently asked questions and reveal some easy tips for IELTS.

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If you're on Facebook then head over to IDP's official IELTS page. You'll find daily advice, personal responses from an expert and the ability to interact with other IELTS test takers who are just like you.

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